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Parents and professionals,
here are some articles & documents that SPRINT and its members thought might be of interest to you:




Learning Support In Paris

A handout for parents & learning-support assistants and schools.

Compiled by SPAN Parents and SPRINT professionals April 2017

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New York Times Article on Autism Definition

"Proposed changes to the official diagnosis of autism will not reduce the proportion of children found to have it as steeply as many have feared, scientists reported on Tuesday, in an analysis that contradicts several previous studies..."

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My Son Belongs in Your Child’s Class

"My four-year-old deserves a chance at a diploma and full life. So does every other child with special needs."

By Maureen Rich Wallace

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Navigating the French system with a Special Needs Child

SPRINT talk October 14th, 2015

by Mia Vieyra, Clinical Psychologist & Alicia Saba, Speech-Language Pathologist

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Television interview with Sprint member,
Speech Pathologist and Autism Specialist, Julie Tuil

"Invitée de Véronique Mounier sur Chérie 25 dans l'émission "Sans Tabou", Julie Tuil donne des éclaircissements sur l'autisme et montre le rôle primordial que les parents doivent jouer en se formant aux méthodes ABA."

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