Sharing Professional Resources, Ideas and Techniques

Sharing Professional Resources, Ideas and New Techniques.

SPRINT France is a non-profit organization founded in Paris in 1986. It is a group of English-speaking and bilingual healthcare professionals who work with children with special needs.


SPRINT provides:

  • Information and referral services for Anglophone families with children with special needs in France.

  • An opportunity for professionals to share ideas and new developments in the field.

  • Education for bilingual and french schools about special needs and inclusion.


In SPRINT, we are :

  • Clinical Psychologists

  • Educational Psychologists

  • Family Therapists

  • Speech and Language Pathologists

  • Learning Disability Specialists

  • Special Educators and Tutors

  • Movement & Occupational Therapists

  • Social Workers

  • Art/MusicTherapists