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Parents and professionals,
here are some links that SPRINT and its members thought might be of interest to you:


Autism Let's Link (ALL)

ALL is an association that was established to provide a network and information service for both French and English speaking families of children diagnosed with autism. ALL also provides guidance for parents with doubts or questions about their child’s development before receiving a diagnosis. The association guides the parents towards the appropriate professionals for the correct diagnosis, evaluation, establishment of a personalized programme and development of a communication system for their child.
ALL also provides information on training for parents and professionals. Parents are key to their children’s success.

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The Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting each person's development to their fullest potential.  Through the genius and leadership of Dr. Stanley Greenspan, ICDL was formed over 20 years ago to be the official home of DIR® and DIRFloortime®. DIRFloortime is recognized as the next generation of evidence-based intervention for autism and other developmental challenges.



MAIA Autisme

MAIA Autisme est une association loi 1901 créée par des parents. MAIA signifie Maison pour l’Apprentissage et l’Intégration des enfants avec Autisme, ce qui traduit l’objet, l’esprit et l’approche de l’association. MAIA veut être au plus près des besoins des enfants avec autisme, en portant tout projet favorisant les objectifs d’apprentissage et d’intégration, notamment par la création et la recherche de projets pédagogiques innovants.



Message Paris

Helping English-speaking parents thrive in the City of Lights. We are 1500 mothers & fathers - collectively raising over 3000 children of all ages in and around Paris. From not-yet-born to grown-up, the average age of our kids is 7 years old. Last year alone we welcomed over 160 newborns. All of us are working - about half of us outside the home, about half of us as stay-at-home parents. We come from over 60 countries, speak over 20 languages. The common denominator? We also all speak English.