Learning Specialists


Barret, Judith

Re-education Teacher

(& Former Sprint Treasurer)

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Stanford University: AB,MA, Teaching Degree K through 12, California teaching certification. Taught in US, Spain (Centro Nuevo de Pedagogia, Torrejon Air Base) Hong Kong (British certification), France (mainly lycée level in national and international schools) palmes academiques.

2002-2017 treasurer of SPRINT.

Specialties: dyslexia and how children learn.

Languages : English, French, Spanish


 Michael, Nisha

Special Educator, Self-Employed

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94400 Vitry-sur-Seine


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Currently I am working on developing Math and/or Language skills with Elementary and Middle schoolers who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism and other learning difficulties. I also work with high and low ability engineering students to develop their Language skills.

Languages : English, French, Spanish


 Kareckaite-Gouriou, Ruta

Learning  Specialist

Developmental Practitioner

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UK trained with over 15 years of experience within the field of mainstream and special education. Currently completing Professional Doctorate at the Nottingham University combining Education and Developmental Neuroscience. Provides learning support for pupils with a wide range of difficulties (dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, auditory processing and sensory difficulties), gives training to teachers and parents as well as advice on educational orientation for families that have children experiencing difficulties at school. Has interest and experience in home education. Certified to provide Auditory Integration Therapy.

Practices in English and French.


Lament, Jessica

Special Educator

75015 Paris

06 49 60 59 10


B.A. in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education, M.S. in Early Childhood Special Education. Professional teaching certificates through the State of New York (USA). Over 10 years of experience working with families and young children with special needs in international settings. Held roles of lead teacher in inclusion classroom, co-teacher in an experimental bilingual inclusion classroom, and lead early interventionist in a school based student support program - supported both home based programs as well as trainings of teachers and staff. Experience working with children with a variety of different needs. Areas of expertise: inclusion, early intervention, early childhood programs, DIR(Floortime) model, assistive and adaptive communication in the classroom, visual supports in the classroom.


Orsmond, Munira

Sensory Integration Specialist,

Founder of Neurobics Kids

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75015 Paris


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Unlocking the door to learning, dealing with learning and behavioural challenges, through sensory integration and specialised movement. I offer one-on-one therapies for primitive reflex integration and sensory integration. And also offer group classes and holiday camps for developmental stimulation and sensory learning. As a qualified teacher turned therapist I am passionate about helping children reach their full potential in and outside the classroom.


Smires, Michelle

Learning Specialist

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Learning Support teacher at British School of Paris. Head of French/English primary bilingual program in private French school. SPRINT Secretary.