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Aboukinane, Kamila

ABA Therapist

92400 Courbevoie

06 65 07 61 69


Working with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech Delay and Disorder, I have a Masters in Psychology from the University of Gdansk in Poland (2012). I started my work with Children with ASD and with speech disorders in “Diagnosis and Therapy of Developmental Disorders Center” in Gdansk. I conducted individual therapy based on ABA. Currently, I work with children at homes and sometimes I support them at schools as an ABA therapist.

Languages : English, Polish.


Coutrix, Tracy

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

06 07 03 16 25

92130 Issy-Les-Moulineaux


Full Member


Board Certified Behavior Analyst, BCBA. MA in Counseling Psychology, New York University. Post Graduate Program/Department of Behavior Analysis, University of North Texas.I specialize in Applied Behavior Therapy and Behavior Analysis for adults, adolescents and children and treat a range of issues including autism, learning and behavior challenges, social skill development, anxiety and illness. I work with children and parents to improve language and behavior in school, home and community settings. Group workshops include: social skills development and siblings of children with special needs .

Language : English.


ianeva, nia

Developmental Psychologist and ABA Therapist

06 86 21 90 13

75116 Paris


I am a developmental psychologist and ABA therapist with experience working with children with ASD aged 3-11, in an ABA institution and home settings. I am currently working towards a BCBA certification and providing intensive home-based ABA interventions for children with ASD. The main goals of my interventions are to develop and strengthen children's language and their communicational skills, help them advance through the school curriculum, encourage their autonomy, compliance and flexibility in dealing with changes.

Language : English, French, Bulgarian.