Sharing Professional Resources, Ideas and Techniques

Services Offered

For Parents, For Schools & For Professionals


For Parents

SPRINT (Sharing Professional Ressources, Ideas & New Techniques) :

  • helps families with special needs children find the appropriate educational, medical, and therapeutic services.

  • informs parents about programs offered in various international and bilingual schools.

  • refers newly arrived and resident families to appropriate specialists for assessments, therapy, medical specialists, and remediation.

  • refers departing families to specialists abroad.

  • connects parents to support networks.

Members of SPRINT have expertise in many aspects of special needs, including, but not limited to: developmental delay, autism, communication and learning problems, physical handicaps, adjustment and behavioral difficulties, attention deficit disorder, giftedness and tutoring.


EKIPP (Extraordinary Kids In Paris - and Parents too)

EKIPP is a parent information and support network for families of children with special learning needs, who are differently abled, have chronic medical conditions, or who have other special needs. They welcome families with autism, Down syndrome, and other visible or invisible needs. EKIPP was peviously known as SPAN (SPRINT’s Parents Action Network).

  • Monthly parent information meetings

  • Information on medical assessments and diagnoses, therapist options and funding sources

  • Free weekly playgroups

  • Private facebook group

  • Help in naviguating the MDPH system

  • Monthly email updates

  • Help in explaining medical and other forms and documents

  • Parent get-togethers and annual family picnics

  • Information and support regarding school choice and in-school accommodations in both the French public and Anglophone private systems

Contact : Facebook page & emails to ekippinparis@gmail.com
Information on the playgroup : kathsperd@hotmail.com


AVS Recrutement events : a SPRINT project

Our project is to create a platform to connect schools, families and job applicants to promote and foster inclusive education in Paris. By networking through open recrutement events, we will be promoting integration into mainstream education for children with special needs, sharing information and research-based tools and strategies for learning support assistants, as well as connecting parents, schools and learning support assistants.

More information here : AVS Recrutement page


For Schools

SPRINT offers the following services for schools and teachers:

  • Informing teachers regarding new techniques.

  • Support in integrating children with special needs.

  • In-service training for teachers and learning support assistants.

  • Consultation for schools regarding child-parent interactions.

  • Talks for student on a variety of topics (e.g. eating disorders, social skills, organizational skills…)

  • Support for school staff in addressing challenging situations with children (e.g. suspected abuse)

  • Helping teachers determine whether a child needs a referral or evaluation.


For Professionals

SPRINT offers the following services for professionals:

  • An opportunity for professionals to share ideas and new developments in the field.

  • Monthly meetings for networking and discussing specific topics.

  • An opportunity to meet with a range of professionals outside your own specialty.

  • Facilitation of team-work when several professionals are involved with a child or family.


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